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Safety Equipments

Gangway provides in-house solutions to meet the client’s needs, the workshop staff ensures that deadlines are met and in many cases expectations are exceeded.

Al Safeenah provides a full fabrication and welding capability, we employ time served fabricators and welders.

The workshop is equipped with the latest synergic MIG welding equipment, producing higher quality welds and demonstrates less potential for defects.

The gangway is qualified to EN 1090 factory production controls, this assists the organization to control materials and consumables from approved suppliers.

Manufacturing is enabled  allowing the fabrication and design teams to visualize the product. Detailed drawings are released to the workshop after the client's approval.

Al Safeenah Gangway also benefits from an in house stockist of aluminum extrusions and plate which enables fast turnaround on expedited jobs.

The gangway has a structured apprenticeship program to encourage new workers to join the organization.

The apprentices complete a four-year apprenticeship with an additional improvers year to ensure the skills are of the required standard. This includes day release to college to enhance their knowledge and experience in manufacturing theory, this is then applied to the workplace.


  • Installation

  • Repair & Maintainance

  • Inspections and Site Surveys

  • Fabrication


  • Cruise Industry

  • Defence

  • Off shore & Wind Energy

  • Ports & Harbours

  • Shipbuilding & Shipyard 


Steel Platforms

CAT Ladders


Windsock Frame

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