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CAT Ladders

Safety Equipments

Caged Access Ladders

Also referred to as ‘CAT Ladders’ are a common solution for buildings they’re lightweight & versatile that can be fitted to any adequate structure. Our CAT ladders are exceptionally low in weight which is great for stability. All products are made in steel that is hot-dip galvanized for the best possible corrosion protection. Most of the products are also available in painted versions (painted after hot-dip galvanization) in black or brick-red.

 ladders can be used for towers, silos, bridge piers, chimneys, etc. In the case of tall ladders, there should be a rest landing if possible. Where hoop guards are used, these finish max. 2.5 m from ground level. We recommend that ladders above 6 m should have hoop guards.r. Our ladders can come with built-in fall arrest systems or we can provide you with a system that is simply retrofitted to any existing ladder. Each system is designed to be used with a traveler allowing the user to climb easily without disconnecting, providing total confidence while climbing.


Steel Platforms

CAT Ladders


Windsock Frame

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