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Al Safeenah's engineers are ready to support your product design and manufacturing activities. To us, value engineering means being able to find the optimal way to produce your parts with consistency and reduced cost.

We begin a value engineering review working with your engineering team to understand your big picture, asking how critical components work together and evaluating the selected materials to assess if they are the best choice for repeatability and cumulative tolerance factors between multiple parts.

Al Safeenah's engineers and machinists enter the product lifecycle at any design point. We work with design engineers and existing design for manufacturability (DFM) specifications or consult with your engineers on the right solution for a challenging situation.

We collaborate with your engineering team to solve complex manufacturability issues and provide cost effective solutions to issues such as part geometry and tolerances, material selection, and manufacturing methods. Our value engineering goes beyond creating your product, we find out exactly what you need and design it in the way that will best function in your application.

Our extensive network of outside service providers allows us to assemble the appropriate team to solve any manufacturing problem. Our CAM software allows use of your CAD files directly, saving time and money.

We can facilitate outsourcing of sub-assemblies allowing your engineers to focus on the core technology of your products.

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