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White Metal Bearings

Rotary Machinery Parts

At Al Safeenah Engineering we specialise in the repair and manufacture of white metal bearings, seals, deflectors, vertical thrust and guide bearings, rotating equipment components and overhaul of gas turbine fuel systems & compressors.

We offer an expansive range of thrust and journal bearings, designed and manufactured in-house. Our standard product ranges are fully interchangeable with OEM designs and offer cost-effective installation and proven reliability in operation. Our engineers can perform comprehensive evaluations of all types of hydrodynamically lubricated fluid film applications, to offer a range of standard products and bespoke bearing solutions, proven for a range of rotating equipment.

  • Pumps

  • Gas Turbines

  • Gearboxes

  • Steam Turbines

  • Generators

  • Motors

  • Compressors

Our white metal bearing manufacturing facilities are fully supported by a spectrum of engineering services, from assisting OEM bearing manufacturers with new designs, to supporting the end users in the field with existing equipment. We also offer a make-to-print service.

Our product range includes the following:

  • Vertical bearing assemblies

  • Combined thrust and guide bearing assemblies

  • Vertical guide bearing assemblies

  • Fixed profile journal bearings

  • Tilting pad thrust and journal bearings

  • Combined thrust and journal bearings

  • Equalised or non-equalised

  • Compact or traditional designs

  • Flooded or direct lubrication designs

  • Labyrinth seals

  • Oil deflectors


White Metal Bearings

Brass Bearings

Cast Iron Bearings


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