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Steel Rollers


By adopting the most advanced technology, we are happy to introduce ourselves as a quality roller manufacturer industry.

Our excellent manufacturing infrastructure and workmanship enable us to offer the highest quality product to complete maximum effectiveness in today's market.

Last but not least, with the constantly upgrading ourselves accordingly, we will always try to bring THE BEST, to meet our customer integrity and satisfaction at all times.

  • Chrome Plated Rollers
  • Heat & Cooling Rollers
  • Doctor Rollers
  • Technical & Special Rollers
  • Heating & Cooling Rollers
  • Anti-Deflection rollers
  • Scroll Rollers
  • Aluminium Rollers
  • S.S Cladding Rollers
  • S.S Guide Rollers
  • Adjusting Frame
  • Elastomer Rollers
  • Ebonite Coated Rollers
  • Rubber Coated Rollers

Rolls built in a workmanlike manner must meet the following requirements:

  • comply with the indications of the ISO standards;
  • use quality materials and bearings;
  • possess effective protection of the bearings against external agents.


Steel Rollers

Nylon Rollers

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