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Steel Fabricated Products

Al Safeenah Engineering under the physical protection product range offers a wide range of bollards that go beyond just the function of protection, it enhances the appeal of the architecture and the streetscape. Our bollards models are available in different materials, designs, protection levels meant for protecting diverse types of premises. We can offer customized solutions matching the properties of architecture & landscape.

Al Safeenah Engineering offers bollards in Stainless steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized steel, Wrought iron, Polycarbonate, etc. Our bollards come in custom sizes, designs and are of high built quality and are easy to maintain. Our bollards are offered in various finishes like a mirror, satin, rustic finish, etc. Our product offering also includes PAS68 crash rated fixed bollards that are available in standard & shallow depth foundation installation systems. We also offer crash rated hydraulic telescopic bollards to protect critical assets.

For areas were bollard required, yet it needs to be accessible during emergency or to give access for authorized vehicle access etc. we can propose options like fold down, retractable &removable bollards that are available in various options, from manually operated to remote controlled access bollards.

Be in touch with us to know more about wide range of bollards for deterrence, segregation, demarcation, perimeter protection, and counter terrorism bollards. Being a regional supplier we are able to offer highly competitive pricing and quick delivery timings. Further our in house design & development team gives us the capability to offer customized bollards as per customer requirements. We can manufacture bollards using special grade materials , coated with special coatings in various thickness and finish. Be it nuclear power plant or marine berth area we have solutions for all.

  • Aluminium Bollards
  • Ductile Iron bollards
  • fold Down Bollard
  • Polyurethane Bollard
  • removable Bollards
  • Retractable Bollards
  • Stainless Steel Bollards
  • Steel Bollards


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