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Overhauling and Repair of Machinery

We typically repair presses of a wide variety of machineries, like punching machines, Process machines, hydraulic machines, etc. Geometric overhauling of tool machines Repair and reproduction of spare parts, Scraping & Diagnostics

Qualified Experts and Extensive Experience

Highly qualified experts with extensive experience are available to you for this type of work. A detailed, reliable offer preparation, makes sure the project can be planned with certainty.

Our Wide-ranging Machinery Fleet

Our employees will provide these services in our workshop in Norderstedt or on-site at your company. They are supported by our wide-ranging machinery fleet when carrying out their work.

To maintain process dependability, we inspect the overhauled machines under production conditions. This procedure allows us to monitor the machine performance jointly with your technicians. Any reworking that might be necessary is perfectly customised – with the aim of optimising the existing production processes even more.

Our Service Includes

This includes presses of all tonnages, grinders, milling machines, boring mills and turning machines of any size.

Well-informed, trained experts are available to provide these services for you, either in our workshop or on-site. Support of the mechanics from a large machinery department is always ensured.

Reasonable offer proposals allow for reliable cost planning.

Inspection of machines takes place under manufacturer conditions in order to maintain process dependability.

Repairs and Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Very often spare parts for older machines are not available on the market or they can only be obtained as complete modules. But, you don‘t have to take your tool machine out of service in case of a defect.

In our diverse production, we can refurbish spare parts or build new ones. We only need a drawing or a sample of the defect part. As we cooperate with several producers of tool machines, we can quickly respond to your requirements.


It is our credo to satisfy the manifoldness of our customers‘ wishes. Extensive service is natural for us. We are ready when you need us to perform.

No matter whether it‘s a small repair, troubleshooting or a large repair project, our technicians will come to you. Our eld of operations includes drilling machinery, transfer lines, production centres and presses of various sizes and machines of numerous types, like conventional, lathes and milling machines, reaming, hard machining and hard drilling units, grinding and rotary lathes.

Interdisciplinary Fields of Operation

Our technicians are deployed in many fields of operation. They have gathered an enormous and wide-spread body of knowledge.

They are familiar with scraping turbines and pressure compartments as well as with all types of scraping works on hot forging presses and presses in general. Renowned manufacturers in the automobile industry call upon our technicians when faced with complex diagnostics in the complex eld of mechanical engineering.

We also overhaul production machines for customers in many industrial sectors, like the food or caoutchouc industry or packaging and material handling.

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