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Cast Iron Repair / Metal Stitching

Metal stitching is often the only reasonable method to repair cast iron cracks and salvage what is otherwise a condemned component or major piece of machinery. Traditional welding methods are not effective for repairing cast iron and other cast metals and in many cases can result in more damage to the piece being welded.

Metal stitching to repair cast metal damage has a variety of benefits:

  • It provides a permanent crack repair without the introduction of heat associated with welding.

  • It can be performed on-site avoiding the high costs associated with disassembly and transport.

  • The repaired area is restored to its original strength with a watertight and gas tight repair.

  • On-site machining and milling restores the surface of the repaired area to original dimensions

The applications for the process are many and cover a broad range:

  • Cracked Engine Block Repairs (sidewalls, liner bores)

  • Damaged Engine Bedplate repairs

  • Repairing damage to heavy industrial machinery

  • Metal crack repairs for mining equipment and large earth moving machinery

  • Damaged pump casings, gear boxes and gears

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