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Steel Enclosure

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

What is a Steel Enclosure?

Enclosures are metal boxes that are fabricated to protect it's contents from environmental Hazards or inversely to protect the hazardous contents away from the reach of environment.

Various engineering systems require the protection of an enclosure such as electrical systems. Electrical Distribution systems include certain high end control equipments. These equipment's are like MCB - Magnetic Circuit Breakers , Relays or Control switches used to protect electrical lines from damage or to avoid any incidents like fire due to high voltage. These equipment's form the lifeline of any electrical circuit and needs to be protected, hence steel enclosures are used.

What materials are steel enclosures manufactured out of? And how do they differ?

Steel Enclosures are mainly made up of Three materials,

  1. Stainless steel enclosures

  2. Carbon steel enclosures

  3. Aluminum enclosures

Stainless steel enclosures are one of most common types of enclosures used today. The most common grades of stainless steel used today are 304 and 316L. Stainless steel enclosures provide high functioning life cycle and is great for it's durability. Al Safeenah Engineering fabricates various custom sizes of these boxes and manufactures as per client requirement.

The only downside of manufacturing stainless steel boxes are its high price range and often fluctuating material costs.

Stainless steel is used excellently when your equipment is exposed to corrosive environment.

Carbon steel enclosures are the most economical solution compared to Stainless steel enclosures. Carbon steel, protected by antirust coatings, can last very long without corrosion. It's more suitable for building large enclosures.

Aluminum enclosures are a go

od substitute for stainless steel enclosures.

What are it's industrial applications?

Steel Enclosures are used in various industries such as,

  1. Marine industry.

  2. Oil and gas industry.

  3. Waste management industry.

  4. Food industry.

  5. Medical industry.

What are other types of enclosures?

  • Electrical Distribution boxes

  • Junction Boxes

  • Electrical Control Panel

  • Gas control panel

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