Pipe Spool Fabrication

The workshop for piping spools is fully geared with the latest equipment along with the highly qualified team for spool fabrication and welding experts to serve such the stringent requirement of piping fabrication. The workshop is constructed to serve a wide range of spool size fabrication from 3 inches up to 40 inches with different material grade CS, Alloy and SS with a total annual capacity of 600,000 ID. A purpose-built fabrication facility of around 4,500sq/mtrs to handle the most demanding spooling and fabrication contracts. This can be utilized for the manufacture and fabrication of a wide range of sizes and material types such as Clad Inc625/825 product, as well as solid Nickel-based alloy fabrications, to suit our demanding client requirements.

We can allocate 28 Pipe Fitters, 64 welders and 8 NDE personnel to support the spool fabrication activities when we are in full production. In addition to pipe spools, Al Safeenah fabricates pipe structures of large diameter pipes to accommodate a wide range of custom applications. Our steel pipe structures have been used in several commercial building projects, such as in airports, stadiums, train stations, and shopping malls.


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